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Green gasoline - gentle & versatile

Work sustainably & save costs: Because with the use of HERCUTEC 4T you extend the lifetime of your machines.
Care counts - even when handling your tools. With our special fuels, your equipment will remain powerful for longer.
With a clear conscience & fresh energy in the saddle! Because with HERCUTEC 4T you show a clean performance in every respect.
Protect yourself & the engine that helps you win. With HERCUTEC 4T you are optimally equipped to show best performance.
Here, environmental awareness is more important than ever. HERCUTEC 2T offers a gentle alternative for man & nature.
Water sports
With our special fuels you protect waters & keep your boat engine as long as possible in top shape.

Full power without a guilty conscience – with HERCUTEC special fuels.

Finally put an end to conventional gasoline! Because the pollutants released during combustion are not only bad for people and the environment, but also impair the performance of your machines. So if you want to avoid unnecessary wear and tear in the future, you’d better rely directly on our HERCUTEC special fuels. They are virtually free of pollutants such as lead, benzene and other aromatics. This ensures clean combustion without polluting exhaust gases. Last but not least, this also reduces deposits in the engine to a minimum.

Our products HERCUTEC 2T for two-stroke engines and HERCUTEC 4T for four-stroke engines are versatile. From forest and garden maintenance to construction and motor sports – our special fuels score points wherever clean performance is required. If you haven’t tried green gasoline yet, take the plunge. You’ll feel the difference right away and also be impressed by the quality and performance in the long term.

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