Why special fuels?
Show that you appreciate your machines & equipment all around. By switching to special fuels, you reduce pollutant deposits in the engine to a minimum and thus ensure longer and better performance. You also protect yourself and make a valuable contribution to our environment.

Four good reasons for our special fuels

More power & longevity

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HERCUTEC special fuels burn almost soot- and smoke-free. This means: More power and longevity for your equipment, because no harmful deposits form in the engine. This also saves maintenance and repair costs.

Protects your health


Especially with hand tools such as the chainsaw, it is almost impossible to avoid inhaling hazardous exhaust gases from gasoline combustion. With our special fuels, you are finally on the safe side – because they are virtually pollutant-free.

High octane number for improved knock resistance


Our special fuels are for machines like Super Plus for cars. This is because the greatly increased octane number results in less spontaneous ignition. This reduces wear and tear and fuel consumption is noticeably reduced.

Ideal for use in nature


Due to the high scavenging losses of many two-stroke engines, the choice of the right fuel is crucial. HERCUTEC 2T is virtually free of pollutants and therefore ideally suited for use in nature. Awarded with the seal of the KWF.

Proven in use for man & machine – special fuels as an alternative to conventional gasoline.

Conventional gasoline usually contains numerous pollutants that are released when the machine is used. This not only harms the environment, but also people – especially in places where direct contact with exhaust gases can hardly be prevented. Moreover, these pollutants have a direct impact on the engine and are often the source of costly wear damage.

That’s why we recommend the use of our special fuels, especially for equipment such as chainsaws and lawnmowers, and in motor sports. This is because “green gasoline” – also known as alkylate or equipment gasoline – is virtually free of harmful substances. This means that it not only offers a healthier alternative to conventional gasoline, but also protects the engine and thus extends the service life of your equipment.

Optimal for two- & four-stroke engines

With our products HERCUTEC 2T for two-stroke engines and HERCUTEC 4T for four-stroke engines you get the optimal fuel for your engine. Both special fuels naturally meet the German standard for alkylate gasoline (DIN 51641) and have also been awarded the test mark of the Kuratorium für Waldarbeit und Forsttechnik (KWF). Both HERCUTEC 2T and HERCUTEC 4T can be stored for long periods without any loss of quality.

2T Sonderkraftstoff für Zweitaktmotoren

Why special fuels from HERCUTEC? – The advantages at a glance

  • almost free of pollutants like lead, benzene and sulfur
  • smoke- and soot-free combustion
  • less steam development
  • improved knock resistance thanks to higher octane number (RON: 95 | MOZ: 92)
  • complete absence of aromatics
  • easy storage – even in the long term
  • certified quality

These properties make our special fuels the perfect choice for protecting people and machines and making a valuable contribution to a sustainable society.

Any questions?

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